Why North Park San Diego CA is on of America’s best hipster neighborhoods.

(Photo Source: https://www.tripping.com/explore/national-homebrewers-conference-discover-the-best-beer-in-san-diego)

North Park Sand Diego CA, A paradise for people looking for cultural diversity. Forbes recently dubbed North Park as one of the best hipster (A name for people who are outside the cultural mainstream) neighborhoods in America.

Why wouldn’t they? the area is home to Craftsman cottages, cafes and diners, coffee shops, several microbreweries, boutiques, and the North Park Farmers Market. The North Park Theater and the Ray Street Arts District are also bastions of creativity in the area.

If we take a better look at North Park, it’s actually a pretty awesome place to spend your lifetime in. A Great neighborhood, Has lot’s of character and is a good central location. Close to downtown, not far from beaches so a quick “Vitamin Sea” getaway  is quite easy to schedule. Not to mention that everything you need – bars, restaurants, newsstand, coffee houses, library, post office, grocery is just walking distance from each other.

(PC:  http://www.sdhealthyliving.com/2014/North-Park-Farmers-Market )

Every Thursday 3PM – 7PM A farmers market emerges on North Park Way between 32nd Street and Herman, South of CVS. They feature over 35 independent vendors, locally grown produce, gourmet, ethnic food, arts, crafts, books and often, live music. This is one of the best ways to spend your Thursday afternoons. Imagine going to a walking distance market with your pals or family enjoying ethnic food  and going home full and with bags of fresh produce.


North Park Elementary School
North Park Family Health Center








The daily facilities that you would need is always just a few minutes drive away. North Park Elementary school is a perfect place for the kids to go to and North Park Family Health Center can always provide you with the medical attention that you need.


PC: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Park,_San_Diego#/media/File:Craftsmanhouse.jpgand https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Park,_San_Diego#/media/File:Dryden_house.jpg )

Even the houses in the neighborhood are artistic in their own way, North Park 92104 is an area of diverse architectural styles. in the Morley Field area of North Park, this area is lined with turn-of-the-century Craftsman Bungalows and California Bungalows which are styles that is popular across the US and to varying extents elsewhere from around 1910 to 1939.

North Park may be titled as a hipster neighborhood but it’s also an ideal community to grow a family in. you never run out of things to do, facilities are just blocks away from each other and the area just gives you an artistic vibe that sets it apart from other neighborhoods.



The Butbut tribe of Buscalan, A community hidden above the Philippine mountains.


The tattoo community of the north, the Butbut tribe is located 17 hours away from the city of Manila. This small community is slowly opening their door to the public over the past couple of years, providing guests with accommodation, a taste of culture and the main reason why travelers from all around the world visit the place, the traditional Kalinga tattooing.


Buscalan, a small community in the municipality of Tinglayan, is inhabited by about 200 households. Primarily, they thrive on rice agriculture and recently, on tourism. The Butbuts live on huts stilted from the ground. It is traditionally made of hardwood and grass roof. Today, new houses are built made of the usual construction material which shows just how much progress the community gained in the past couple of years.

The main force that pulls travelers into Buscalan is it’s traditional tribal tattooing, which they now offer to visitors for a few hundred pesos depending on what size you get. The tattoo is imprinted on your skin using materials such as the Pomelo tree’s thorn being the needle and coal turned to ash as the ink.


(Image source Left: http://www.kamustamagazine.ph/blurred-lines-the-mambabatok-of-kalinga/ : Right: controversialdocumentaries.blogspot.com)

This unique art form is in danger of disappearing due to the fact that its one and only living master, Apo Whang-Od is almost a hundred years old and was only able to pass on the traditional technique to two grand daughters Grace and El yang who are still going to school by taking a 2-3 mile hike.

Grace at work Buscalan KalingaFang Od Tattoos-2

(Image source: http://www.kamustamagazine.ph/blurred-lines-the-mambabatok-of-kalinga/)

Buscalan, has recently been a top destination for tattoo enthusiasts, hikers, mountaineers, artists and curious travelers as this community just gives you a taste of culture that you cannot get anywhere else. But right now, the tribe is also slowly adapting the to the modern world as electricity and television has just reached their village in 2014.

As tourism is helping this tribe, it also can be a cause for their traditional ways to disappear. right now this community is growing faster than ever and every visitor needs to give back in the way of donations and respecting their area by taking their trash along with them as they leave.

And The Crown for best MyOutdesk VA goes to….. Me!


Being the best Myoutdesk VA is a title that every VA wants to put in his/her head.

I did not just join MyOutdesk to become an agent, I came here with the right equipment in hand to become the best in whatever my client needs me to do. Being a VA for a real estate agent is an honor, a responsibility and a trial of strength for both mind and tolerance at the same time.

Before I entered training, I made sure that my body and my mindset is prepared for whatever this phase of my life can throw at me. You do not come to war without knowing the enemy.

Industry wise, I have been all over the place which only proves my adaptability. The experience that I have ranges from Technical Support to being a customer service specialist. The range of industries that I have been with would be from Internet providers, banking institutions and to travel packaging. My adaptability is what helped me survive the previous jobs that I had, and adaptability along with willingness to learn and a hundred percent effort will get me to the top of the VA food chain.

Even if you have the skills that a VA needs, I firmly believe that attitude will help you rise above others and help you keep your standing. The best VA would not only have the skills required of him/her, she should also have a strong mind and the right attitude.

Growing up dependent molded me into the type of person that caught Mod’s eyes and qualified me for their training. And I do believe that with the help of my very competent trainer, I am not only prepared for my future at Mod, I am also ready to rise above the others and focus on becoming Mod’s best VA.


A Clearer View on Home Insurance.

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To put it in simple terms, A home owners insurance policy is a long written documentation that covers your house when it get’s any damage during a specific duration. So it really pays to know what’s in yours and how it works.

“Insurance is a complex product and there’s no harm and no shame in not fully understanding it,” says Alessandro Iuppa, former president of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. “Most people don’t read a policy until they’ve had a claim denied, and that’s too late.”

Source: http://www.bankrate.com/finance/insurance/understanding-your-home-insurance-policy-1.aspx#ixzz3yaemoM8l

For example, you just closed the deal on your dream house, you move in with your family and a few weeks later you find that there is a crack somewhere that can lead to further damage and may result to hurting one of your family members. of course you would naturally want someone to pay for this right?

That is where your home insurance comes in, it serves as your security blanket for a certain duration of time so that when these cases appear it can be handled easily .

So, what does a home insurance cover?

The main reason you buy an insurance policy is for the coverage it provides. There are multiple types of coverage, to name a few, are the following;

Dwelling coverage: The part of your policy that helps pay to repair or build your home if the damage results to a covered loss. this is the most common type of coverage.

Liability Insurance: Helps protect your assets and cover costs associated with a lawsuit when you or a family member is responsible for injuring another person, or if someone is injured on your property.

Other Structures: Covers the cost of repairing (or rebuilding) detached garages, sheds, and other similar structures.

These are just some of the many types of coverage that could be in your homeowners insurance, so you may wanna check it out, you’ll never know when it will come in handy.




Customer Service, the main factor of a good real estate agency brand.

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In every business, specially right now, good customer service is the most essential trait that a successful company needs to have.

Since social media has boomed over the past few years a happy customer can post their experience on Facebook, put a happy one liner on Twitter or even post a pretty product picture on Instagram. This, then, channels through out the customer’s network and infects it.

If a customer throws out how good your customer service is on social media, it doesn’t just build a happy relationship with your company and the customer, it now creates this river of influence that can either nourish or destroy your company brand. This is why customer service is the biggest factor that companies need to look into.

Customer service is a big building block for that quality brand that every company needs.

This can be achieved by building this personal relationship with your customers, a relationship so close that they don’t want to let go of your hand. When this relationship blossoms into the so-called Customer-“Relationship Goals,” that we want. it opens the gate to a lot of opportunities for your company.

Customer Service in real estate goes the same way as any customer service in any business. If an agent exceeds customer expectations and WOWs them with his skills and competence, they are most likely to refer him/her to their network and the cycle continues from there on. Or better yet, they would want make the transaction with him again in the future and nobody else, creating this brand goal that I keep on talking about.

So a simple message out there for the companies that are striving right now, look into your customers, as the saying goes, a saying that we should never forget, “The Customer is Always Right.”


3 debunked real estate myths that you need to know for your home selling/buying transactions this 2016

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If you’re planning to sell your home, the usual way of starting would be to hire a real estate agent to handle the process and save you from the dirty work.

However, before you get any further into the process, there are a few real estate myths that you need know so that you can avoid making the wrong decisions. To give you a bit of help with your sales journey, I’ve complied a few debunked real estate myths so that you can have a smooth home transaction this 2016.


According to www.uprealty.co.nz

A common mistaken belief or myth, if you will, is that there is a massive list of buyers out there that are ready to buy your property in just a few clicks. It is said that these magical buyers will respond easily to any new property offered to them.

Uprealty.co.nz says “Sorry, that is just a myth” most of those on the list, unfortunately, are a number of people not guaranteed in buying a property  some statistics and a little common sense can prove these points.


The next myth will be that there is powerful network out there that can quickly help you advertise your property and get the transaction done in a snap.

http://www.Uprealty.co.nz says “SORRY, ANOTHER LEGEND BUSTED.”  most prospective buyers don’t just find their perfect property by some local network. Major online and accessible websites dominate the selling rates all through out the industry. Simply, the information that you need is in the internet and is open freely to anyone, anywhere.

THE MYTH: Agents get “Kickbacks” from Lenders/title/ Inspectors

According to: http://homebuying.about.com/

“FALSE” Apparently, agents getting commission from these entities are illegal. A good agent will abide by the law and not get his license jeopardized.

These are just a few of multiple myths out there. feel free to click the links from any of our awesome sources to get more information on these myths.



Don’t even think about not hiring a real estate agent.

(IMAGE SOURCE: www.localagentfinder.com.au)

At most times, people who are looking for new homes are looking for various ways to cut costs with this transition in their lives. I mean, who would not want to save that 2%-3% which can be around $3,000 to $4,000 depending on the transaction price. Not to mention, the stacking amount of fees and taxes that come along with this transition.

Yes, true enough, you can buy your own house and handle all the paperwork if you know what to do and if you have the time. Most people who can handle a real estate transaction would most likely be people who are unemployed as they may have time on their hands, and at the same time, really rich. So unless you fall between the 2 categories above, a real estate agent will still fit your home shopping adventure.

Say you want a house that has a lake at the back yard, or just a laid back cozy home in the suburbs. Or would like a basement that you can turn into a playroom for the kids or into a “Man Den”, a real estate agent would have all the connections that you don’t have.

In the real estate transaction, you’d be surprised with the amount of processes and legal facts that you need to know. It’s not just like buying a new dog in the pet store, where in you choose the cutest and fluffiest one in the bunch, sign a few paperwork and go home happy. It will be a real skirmish with all the negotiations and deadlines that you will need to go through to avoid penalties and law suits. This is where a real estate agent and his team comes in. Your agent makes sure that you get your new home the way you want it, at the price that you can afford, without the contingencies and the termites that come along with the transaction.

So, be smart, save your ass and get an agent.

2020 The peak of US real estate


(Image source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-22798563)

According to PWC “By 2020, investable real estate will have grown by more than 55% compared to 2012”

This means that Real Estate in the USA is stronger than ever as confidence has returned to this line of business. This result was somehow predictable as people are getting smarter when it comes to investments and today’s young professionals, them, being “The Future” are getting in very early in the investment game.

At this rate the number of mega cities will dramatically increase within the time span of four years if we keep the pace that we have right now.  These increasing numbers effect the economy by increasing the global market activity. Employment such as construction will be greatly affected.

Already, we can see the great number of people with different cultural entities from all around the world specially Asia, the South Pacific and the middle east migrate to the USA or other economic mega cities. This is a great factor in us reaching the real estate economic goal of 2020 as this migration happens on a day to day basis due to the fact that the migrants are attracted to the economic growth of the city that they are migrating to. This plays a major part on the real estate goal as these cities will swell up, and new cities will most likely emerge.

Every aspect of the economy will play a major role in this stage as technology is evolving the way people work and sustain people’s lives. Communication with the government will become more important as they play a major role in reaching this prediction by 2020. Sub factors like agriculture, education, healthcare and retirement will also need to keep up with this pace for the goal to be met.

As this growth comes along, a broader range of risks will come with it also and this is something that needs to be predicted and avoided at a stage as early as now.