3 debunked real estate myths that you need to know for your home selling/buying transactions this 2016

(Image source: theamericangenius.com )


If you’re planning to sell your home, the usual way of starting would be to hire a real estate agent to handle the process and save you from the dirty work.

However, before you get any further into the process, there are a few real estate myths that you need know so that you can avoid making the wrong decisions. To give you a bit of help with your sales journey, I’ve complied a few debunked real estate myths so that you can have a smooth home transaction this 2016.


According to www.uprealty.co.nz

A common mistaken belief or myth, if you will, is that there is a massive list of buyers out there that are ready to buy your property in just a few clicks. It is said that these magical buyers will respond easily to any new property offered to them.

Uprealty.co.nz says “Sorry, that is just a myth” most of those on the list, unfortunately, are a number of people not guaranteed in buying a property  some statistics and a little common sense can prove these points.


The next myth will be that there is powerful network out there that can quickly help you advertise your property and get the transaction done in a snap.

http://www.Uprealty.co.nz says “SORRY, ANOTHER LEGEND BUSTED.”  most prospective buyers don’t just find their perfect property by some local network. Major online and accessible websites dominate the selling rates all through out the industry. Simply, the information that you need is in the internet and is open freely to anyone, anywhere.

THE MYTH: Agents get “Kickbacks” from Lenders/title/ Inspectors

According to: http://homebuying.about.com/

“FALSE” Apparently, agents getting commission from these entities are illegal. A good agent will abide by the law and not get his license jeopardized.

These are just a few of multiple myths out there. feel free to click the links from any of our awesome sources to get more information on these myths.




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