Why North Park San Diego CA is on of America’s best hipster neighborhoods.

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North Park Sand Diego CA, A paradise for people looking for cultural diversity. Forbes recently dubbed North Park as one of the best hipster (A name for people who are outside the cultural mainstream) neighborhoods in America.

Why wouldn’t they? the area is home to Craftsman cottages, cafes and diners, coffee shops, several microbreweries, boutiques, and the North Park Farmers Market. The North Park Theater and the Ray Street Arts District are also bastions of creativity in the area.

If we take a better look at North Park, it’s actually a pretty awesome place to spend your lifetime in. A Great neighborhood, Has lot’s of character and is a good central location. Close to downtown, not far from beaches so a quick “Vitamin Sea” getaway  is quite easy to schedule. Not to mention that everything you need – bars, restaurants, newsstand, coffee houses, library, post office, grocery is just walking distance from each other.

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Every Thursday 3PM – 7PM A farmers market emerges on North Park Way between 32nd Street and Herman, South of CVS. They feature over 35 independent vendors, locally grown produce, gourmet, ethnic food, arts, crafts, books and often, live music. This is one of the best ways to spend your Thursday afternoons. Imagine going to a walking distance market with your pals or family enjoying ethnic food  and going home full and with bags of fresh produce.


North Park Elementary School
North Park Family Health Center








The daily facilities that you would need is always just a few minutes drive away. North Park Elementary school is a perfect place for the kids to go to and North Park Family Health Center can always provide you with the medical attention that you need.


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Even the houses in the neighborhood are artistic in their own way, North Park 92104 is an area of diverse architectural styles. in the Morley Field area of North Park, this area is lined with turn-of-the-century Craftsman Bungalows and California Bungalows which are styles that is popular across the US and to varying extents elsewhere from around 1910 to 1939.

North Park may be titled as a hipster neighborhood but it’s also an ideal community to grow a family in. you never run out of things to do, facilities are just blocks away from each other and the area just gives you an artistic vibe that sets it apart from other neighborhoods.