2020 The peak of US real estate


(Image source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-22798563)

According to PWC “By 2020, investable real estate will have grown by more than 55% compared to 2012”

This means that Real Estate in the USA is stronger than ever as confidence has returned to this line of business. This result was somehow predictable as people are getting smarter when it comes to investments and today’s young professionals, them, being “The Future” are getting in very early in the investment game.

At this rate the number of mega cities will dramatically increase within the time span of four years if we keep the pace that we have right now.  These increasing numbers effect the economy by increasing the global market activity. Employment such as construction will be greatly affected.

Already, we can see the great number of people with different cultural entities from all around the world specially Asia, the South Pacific and the middle east migrate to the USA or other economic mega cities. This is a great factor in us reaching the real estate economic goal of 2020 as this migration happens on a day to day basis due to the fact that the migrants are attracted to the economic growth of the city that they are migrating to. This plays a major part on the real estate goal as these cities will swell up, and new cities will most likely emerge.

Every aspect of the economy will play a major role in this stage as technology is evolving the way people work and sustain people’s lives. Communication with the government will become more important as they play a major role in reaching this prediction by 2020. Sub factors like agriculture, education, healthcare and retirement will also need to keep up with this pace for the goal to be met.

As this growth comes along, a broader range of risks will come with it also and this is something that needs to be predicted and avoided at a stage as early as now.