And The Crown for best MyOutdesk VA goes to….. Me!


Being the best Myoutdesk VA is a title that every VA wants to put in his/her head.

I did not just join MyOutdesk to become an agent, I came here with the right equipment in hand to become the best in whatever my client needs me to do. Being a VA for a real estate agent is an honor, a responsibility and a trial of strength for both mind and tolerance at the same time.

Before I entered training, I made sure that my body and my mindset is prepared for whatever this phase of my life can throw at me. You do not come to war without knowing the enemy.

Industry wise, I have been all over the place which only proves my adaptability. The experience that I have ranges from Technical Support to being a customer service specialist. The range of industries that I have been with would be from Internet providers, banking institutions and to travel packaging. My adaptability is what helped me survive the previous jobs that I had, and adaptability along with willingness to learn and a hundred percent effort will get me to the top of the VA food chain.

Even if you have the skills that a VA needs, I firmly believe that attitude will help you rise above others and help you keep your standing. The best VA would not only have the skills required of him/her, she should also have a strong mind and the right attitude.

Growing up dependent molded me into the type of person that caught Mod’s eyes and qualified me for their training. And I do believe that with the help of my very competent trainer, I am not only prepared for my future at Mod, I am also ready to rise above the others and focus on becoming Mod’s best VA.



Don’t even think about not hiring a real estate agent.


At most times, people who are looking for new homes are looking for various ways to cut costs with this transition in their lives. I mean, who would not want to save that 2%-3% which can be around $3,000 to $4,000 depending on the transaction price. Not to mention, the stacking amount of fees and taxes that come along with this transition.

Yes, true enough, you can buy your own house and handle all the paperwork if you know what to do and if you have the time. Most people who can handle a real estate transaction would most likely be people who are unemployed as they may have time on their hands, and at the same time, really rich. So unless you fall between the 2 categories above, a real estate agent will still fit your home shopping adventure.

Say you want a house that has a lake at the back yard, or just a laid back cozy home in the suburbs. Or would like a basement that you can turn into a playroom for the kids or into a “Man Den”, a real estate agent would have all the connections that you don’t have.

In the real estate transaction, you’d be surprised with the amount of processes and legal facts that you need to know. It’s not just like buying a new dog in the pet store, where in you choose the cutest and fluffiest one in the bunch, sign a few paperwork and go home happy. It will be a real skirmish with all the negotiations and deadlines that you will need to go through to avoid penalties and law suits. This is where a real estate agent and his team comes in. Your agent makes sure that you get your new home the way you want it, at the price that you can afford, without the contingencies and the termites that come along with the transaction.

So, be smart, save your ass and get an agent.